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Smoking Policy

We do have a number of smoking rooms available. However, there is absolutely no smoking in our non-smoking rooms. We want all our rooms fresh and odor free for all of our guests. If there is any evidence of smoking in a non-smoking room, the guest will be charged a cleaning fee of $250.

The cleaning fee covers the costs we incur to clean a room of smoke contamination. Not only is it an understandable irritation for non-smokers exposed to odors left behind by smokers, but many people are allergic to the contaminants in smoke. Therefore we must perform an extreme cleaning after smoke contamination in a room, including carpet steam cleaning and shampoo, washing curtains, bed pads, comforters, pillows and blankets (including extra pillows and blankets in the room), walls, and treating the entire room with a special deodorizing agent. This guarantees the cleanest possible environment for the next guest.

If you are staying in a non-smoking room and wish to smoke, please smoke outside with your room door securely closed. State law requires you to be 25 feet away from the door.

Smoking Rooms

If you are staying in one of our smoking rooms, please do not smoke in the beds. Aside from being a state law, it endangers your life as well as the lives of our other guests.

Thank you for abiding by our rules for everyone's safety.